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    We are here to help you to choose
    right brand for your business.
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    We are here to help you to choose
    right brand for your business.

How does it work ?

Choose the brand names

From the list above, choose the brand names you are intrest in and fill the form


On the basis of the brand names chosen by you, we will send you the quotation which the seller expects for this brand names


We then negotiate between you and the seller and come to an agreement price for the sale

Transfer Documentation

The next process automatically is to get the ownership transferred. We initiate the documentation work for it


This includes the price agreed upon earlier for the sale of brand name and the changes applicable for transfer of ownership

ADVANTAGES Of Buying An Existing Registered Trade Mark.

  • An existing business is a known entity. It has an established and historical track record. It has a customer or client base, established vendors and suppliers.
  • Starting a new business is just that “A PIG IN A POKE”. No matter how much research, time and money are invested, there is still a big risk in starting a business from scratch. The existing business has a financial track record and established policies and procedures.
  • When purchasing an established business, the buyer knows exactly what he or she is getting for his money.
  • By financing the purchase price, the seller is saying that he or she is confident that the business will be able to pay its bills, support the new owner, plus make any required payments to the seller.
  • It grants the right to use the registered Trademark symbol:®
  • It grants the right to file a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court and to obtain monetary damages.
  • It acts as a bar to the registration of another confusingly similar mark
  • It has the ability to have the customer service block the importation of goods bearing an infringing mark.
  • It may serve as the basis for an international trademark application.
  • You can ‘Own’ a registered trademark. That is, you own the right to use the registered word, phrase or letters. etc. In relation to the classes of goods and services in respect of which it is registered. Registration is proof of ownership. You cannot own an unregistered trademark.
  • You can license the use of a trademark. Generally, it is harder to license an unregistered trademark.
  • Because a registered trademark is an asset, a trademark that is acquired can have its value reflected in its owner’s balance sheet. An unregistered trademark cannot easily be reflected on a balance sheet.
  • An owner of a registered trademark can pursue an infringer without having to prove its business reputation, or to prove there has been misrepresentation or deception. If an user of an unregistered trademark wants to pursue another user free riding on its reputation, it has to prove its business reputation, and misrepresentation or deception.


  • We are an electronically connected service giving firm, so that we receive the trademark or any other types of doubts in bulk daily.
  • There is full discretion of removing the brand or listing the brand in this portal.
  • There is no charges for the customer for listing its brand name on this website.
  • We act as a platform between the buyer and the seller and thus we can help to negotiate between the parties to get the desired and agreed amount and satisfy both the party needs.
  • This is a site which provides the customer 24X7 hours of service and will answer all their queries when are wherever the customer wants.